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Hi I’m Carla Kroger, Strategic Advisor and Virtual COO for successful entrepreneurs eager for more profits and greater ease

I am sure I do not need to tell you that being a small business owner, you can get lost in the day to day business of well... business and forget about the reasons (your big dreams) you started your business for in the first place.

I support small business owners in growing and integrating their business with the lifestyle they envision by focusing on implementing strategies for the growth phase their business is in right now which makes business ownership less overwhelming and more streamlined.

Through revenue planning, project management and bringing the team to support your goals, I am here to support as you lead the way to the success you have been craving.

The results are manageable, profit­able and repeatable growth that suits both your lifestyle and financial needs.

If you have been experiencing slow or no growth, let’s spend some time together focusing on your growth and next actions with a no costReady for Growth” consultation.

We will review your business’ growth phase and where you are trying to grow

Get you clear on your nearest growth goal to get you there, and

You will walk away with some next action steps to achieve it.

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I am looking forward to our chat.

To Your Success!


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