5 Hacks to Getting More Done

Getting more done efficiently in the shortest amount of time.


If you took a survey of all the small businesses in America, you’d find a wide variety of services and products being offered as well as a wide variety of business owners.  It seems that regardless of the type of business someone has, all business owners seem to share the same overwhelming feelings of “There is just too much to do.” 

From marketing to sales to copy writing to bookkeeping, it’s a lot of get done.  Now, I can’t make all of the daunting task go away.  They exist for a reason, they exist because they are a part of running a business.

I’ve Got My Own Work To Do

The key to getting more done in a way that is not overwhelming is to manage your “I need to do” list.

Here are some quick tips to help you get your OWN work done.

1. Create an organization chart for your business that shows clear roles and decide what YOUR true role is so that you will be clear about what to get help.  Remember that whatever your role is should be something that no one else can do.  Everything else should be delegated.

2. Outline your position descriptions for each of the roles represented in your new organization chart and decide who will do what.  You know what has to be done so now find the right man/woman for the job.

3. Have a team meeting and let your team know that you need their help. If you are a solo professional, look at adding one admin person or bookkeeper to help lessen some of your load.  To find the right person, ask around to other business owners or tap other resources like a mentor to help find the right person to add to your team.

4. Take a good look at your “Have to do”  list and decide what is really necessary and what is a “would like to do”. Once your “Have to do” list is more manageable you can circle back to the items that are not as important.

5. Lastly, learn to readjust your view as far as your long list of tasks go.  Instead of saying, “I’ve got my own work to do” try saying, “What if I only had my own work to do. How can I make this happen?” [click to tweet] or “Now that everything is in order and I have help, I’ve got my own work to do.”  Adding the “what if” helps you to focus on exactly what you and only you needs to be doing and it can help you let go of things that someone else could easily manage.

Once you identify your own work and pinpoint what you need to be doing each day, you can easily see what you need to focus on and what can easily be delegated.


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Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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