Ideal Clients

  Creating data-based buyer personas allows you to easily identify the attributes of your audience and allows you to market more efficiently. Of course, you’ll only be able to do this if your buyer personas is accurately reflected. Simply stated, buyer personas are only useful when they’re accurate. Here are five tips for optimizing your […]

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Converting leads to sales is a matter knowing the next step. What is your lead follow-up procedure to convert prospects to buyers? 5 lead conversion tips Be prepared for the sale before the opportunity arises and you will have the best position for closing the sale [click here to tweet]. Just ask for the sale. […]


The following briefly lists 5 ways that, if you let it, your confidence can impact your income. 1)      You can let your confidence impact the Proposals you make. By Proposals I just mean offering to be of service/help others. Sometimes people let fear and lack of confidence stop them from approaching a perspective-paying customer. If […]