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What’s Wrong with Getting Things Done?

Eli Shine Power is the ability to create effect. You have power to the extent that you are able to channel your time and energy into the things that create the effects you want in your business and life. Your power is diminished when your time and energy is dissipated and fragmented. Do you remember […]

Raise Your Self Employed Bar

Raise your self employed bar to accomplish more of your goals? If you are not reaching your goals as quickly as you planned you may have placed your bar too low. We all have seen the ballerina that is very flexible and able to move with well crafted skills and precision grace. It takes patience, […]

Take Action ~ A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.

  Take Action on your next goal, SMART actions that is. You have read the books, bought the audios, subscribed to newsletters, and purchased the organizers and other items of organization just to find you are still unorganized and unsure as to where to start. You can purchase one hundred books read until the cows […]