No-Cost Growth Phase Analysis

Discover What Growth Phase Your Business Is Currently In
And Learn Key Actions You Can Put In Place Today To Grow To The Next Phase.


As your business matures, so should its operations and goals.

While growing your business, it’s important to recognize the stages it goes through and focus on the essentials goal and practices that are needed at each stage.

There are planning needs, system improvements and revenue decisions to make that will allow your business to grow smoothly through each stage.

Use this short growth analysis (less than 5 minutes) to determine what stage your business is in. Once completed, you’ll be provided with an action plan for that specific stage. You action plan will pinpoint what you can do today to help you scale your business to your next phase.

This way, you can focus on long term results rather than quick spurts that don’t last.

Start Your Analysis Below

Do you have a dependable team you can delegate to that has the skills to fully support you?

How long have you been in business?

Have you clearly defined your ideal client?

Are you on track for reaching your annual financial goal?

Do you have a documented sells process?

Can you go on a two week vacation and leave your business to profitably run without you?

My main revenue generating focus is to acquire:

Do you have anyone that keeps you accountable to your goals?

Do you feel your business should be further along by now than it is?

How do you mainly engage with visitors on your site?

What was your businesses’ revenue last year?
(This info will not be shared)

Do you have a consistent and dependable flow of clients?

Do you find yourself working long days and over the weekend to get things done?

Do you have dependable and efficient systems and processes set up to streamline your work flow?

Do you offer more than one product, program or service offering?

Where do you feel your business needs the most support TODAY?

Are your revenues consistently growing month after month?

Are you paying yourself enough money to spend freely on the things you want and need?

Are your vendors and employees as interested in your business’s success as you are?

Would your business thrive if you took a month off?

Are other companies regularly approaching you to partner with them?

Do you have a customer-focused vision or a business-focused vision?

Do you have an advisory board or are you involved in a mastermind group?

Where can I send your results?

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