Daily Administration’s Terms of Service

Updated 5-15-2018

Please read the following terms of service relating to your use of this site and Daily Administration’s services carefully.

By using this site, enrolling in our programs and services, you agree to these terms of services.

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, so please check this page periodically for changes. By using this site, enrolling in our programs and services after we post any changes to these terms, you agree to accept those changes, whether or not you have reviewed them or been notified about them. If at any time you choose not to accept these terms of use, please do not use this site, our programs or services.



By making a purchase and/or engaging with this site you indicate that you have read and agreed on the Terms detailed on this page and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment or legal actions.

We reserve the right to change or modify the current Terms of Service at any time without prior notice.

Terms of Service Modifications

By engaging Daily Administration’s services you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms of Services. The most current version of these Terms will supersede all previous versions.

Daily Administration encourages you to periodically review these Terms to stay informed of our updates.

Services Provided

Marketing Technology and Administrative Support Services, Marketing Consultation and Marketing Training.


All payments are due on the first day of each month unless other prior arrangements have been made.

Daily Administration does not allow “roll over” of unused time or strategy sessions. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure all reserved hours and/or strategy calls are used within the month allotted.

Service Termination


Simply provide a 30 day notice.

This will allow time to finish up any projects that may be open.


If for any reason you wish to terminate services with Daily Administration, you must do so in writing within 7 days of engaging our services and a refund minus time used and consultation fees will be issued.

Refunds, of any kind, are not issued after 7 calendar days from the initial engagement date however, you do have up to 15 calendar days after the notification date to use any remaining time, request revisions and/or finalize any project or tasks that are in the works before it is considered closed.

If no requests for revisions are made during this time, an additional fee may be assessed to reopen the project.

Training Programs

The Daily Administration Training Program Pact:

I love pacts as it allows us both to be transparent in our expectations and actions taken. We both want results and in order to receive these desired results, we both need to be committed and dedicated to the outcome. With that said, we both need to put in some work.

For me, it’s creating the program, providing administrative support, one-on-one support, weekly training, ready-to-follow hand-outs, worksheets, and frameworks, live workshop calls and other wonderful items included to help you be successful.

For you, it’s simply taking action and using what’s been provided, doing the necessary actions as they apply to your business and goals with the same dedication, aka doing the work.

If you complete the assignments, deploy the strategies, utilize the skills of the team, showed up for (and participated in) the calls, use the office hours and the one-on-one support and you do not have measurable results and show proof it did not work for you, just notify us within 30 calendar days of your purchase that you took action even with our help and did not see results. Your funds will be returned as it does not belong to us and we did not earn it.

Terms of Program Participation

Daily Administration is committed to providing all participants in any of its programs with a positive experience. Therefore, Daily Administration may, at its sole discretion, limit, suspend, or terminate any member’s participation in any of its programs without refund or forgiveness of remaining monthly payments if:

  • You become disruptive;
  • Fail to follow the Program guidelines; or,
  • You impair the participation of program instructors or other members in the program.


Refunds for all workshops will not be issued 7 days prior to the workshop. You can apply any paid funds to a future workshop or towards any of Daily Administration’s other programs or services.


There are no refunds on electronically downloadable, digital products, or mp3 audios.

Earnings Disclaimer

None of the content on any of our Sites is a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your results and level of success in attaining results is entirely dependent on many factors including your work experience, skill, discipline, relationships and professional connections, team and support staff, strategic decisions and resources.

As with similar services your results are dependent on your action and effort. Our goal is to support you to the best of our ability to help you reach your expressed goals.

Be clear that by law we make no guarantees that you will achieve any specific result (financial or otherwise) from any content, ideas, frameworks or systems presented on any of our sites and we offer no professional, legal, medical, personal or financial advice.

When addressing financial matters in any of our Sites, videos, newsletters, recordings or other content, we’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our programs and their ability to grow your business and improve your life. This being said, there is no guarantee that you will get any results or earn any money using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding these Terms.