Our signature benchmarks focus on Key Business Growth areas.

What’s unique about our approach is that we have developed benchmarks to target six areas that are important to all phases of business growth.

We further tailored each area to be specific for each growth phase so that you are taking precise action to grow your business in each step.

Here are the six areas we cover in our A.S.C.E.N.D. system

Analysis results review and personalized growth outline
System for fulfillment (how you deliver your service)
Client (and potential client) experience system.
Earnings planning
Natural flow of offerings
Directing ideal clients your way (Inbound Marketing)


Analysis results review and personalized growth outline

The first step in working with Daily Administration in a deep dive into the growth phase your business is currently in.  We will review what you have in place and create a personalized growth outline.

System for fulfillment

Are too many important items falling through the cracks?

Here we will review what goes on after a purchase is made.  We will assist you in setting up a fantastic experience for your clients and set up systems and automation to allow for a stress free and smooth experience for you and your clients. This will also assist you in handling your growth as you grow.

The more organized you are in this area the smother your business will run and the more clients you will be able to accept.

Client (and potential client) Experience.

Nurture messages, welcome packages, client intake system  and client care team are just some of the items we will organize and set up for you to prepare for your new business as you continue to grow.

Earnings planning (revenue planning for growth)

We all are passionate about our businesses and at the end of the day what we really crave is making an impact.  Revenue planning is more than dollars and cents and as we plan your revenues we will also plan for the impact your business can make in the world.

Natural flow of offerings (Your fulfillment funnel).

Creating or refining your business model/funnel. Mapping out the flow of products and services and the logical next steps ideal clients can take with you as they have success with your offerings.

Directing ideal clients your way

A consistent flow of ideal prospects is created with a variety of techniques. We will explore which are ideal for you in your business in this module and put your inbound marketing plan into action.

Even if you have these items in place, we will REVIEW them to see if there any improvements to be made.
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