5 Steps To Getting Your Business Mojo Back

If you have been falling behind in your projects, it’s time to get your business mojo back

Running a business has so many variables. You probably feel like one of those circus performers who spins plates and has several of them going at once. When one falls, it’s hard to keep the others from falling too. Well, it’s time to get up, dust off, and get back into the groove. In other words, it’s time to get caught up!

I’ve created a list of things that I believe will help you organize your tasks and get things done today that will get those plates spinning again.

1.  Create a master list of everything you need to get done.

Our brains are magnificent machines. But if you ask a two-slot toaster to toast eight pieces of bread at once, you’re bound to be disappointed. A master list of all of your to-dos will help you keep things organized and your mind will be able to wrap itself around each task, one at a time, and do the job better and more efficiently.

2.  Decide what you and only you can do.

By deciding what you are necessary for, you’ll understand what you can delegate to other members of you team. Does it really have to be you checking email, following up with clients, creating assessments, updating websites, or managing social media accounts? Can someone else do some of these things while you work on something else?

3.  Have a meeting with your team, assistant or accountability partner and assign all the tasks that do not depend on you directly to accomplish.

Be sure the each team member understands their tasks completely so you can feel confident that as they leave the conference room, everything is well in hand.

4.  Have a definite deadline for these things to be completed by.

Working on a deadline ensures focus. When you know something needs to be done by a certain date, you and your team members can more easily narrow in on a task and complete it with more accuracy and professionalism.

5.  Follow up as soon as that deadline arrives and be ready to assign the next task to keep the ball rolling.

You need to assess if everything got done and if not, the reason. You’ll need to assess not just the jobs you delegated, but the ones you kept for yourself as well.

There is nothing as stressful as trying to move a business forward when several undone tasks keep holding you back.

I encourage you to create some procedures if you currently do not have any and look for areas you can automate efficiently to help streamline and repeat it



Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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