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Closing Your Goal Gap

  It is easy to overlook a goal gap when you are focused on completing an important goal. In an ascent to the summit, a hiker or a rock climber has to constantly assess where they are in relation to their destination. They need to know if they need to pick up the pace or […]

8 Strategies for a Mid-Year Checkup

  For some businesses the rising temperatures equate to a slight slump in revenue which makes it easier to shift your focus away from business and toward vacations and a slower pace. However, there are plenty of business owners that are working diligently through the summer months and view this as an opportune time to […]

Summer: More Time – More Focus

  If you are anything like me you find more time in the longer days of Summer The days of summer are longer.  The sun stays up a little longer and all of the sudden things that weren’t possible before become possible.  Gardeners and farmers can grow veggies to their hearts content. Children whose bedtimes […]

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