5 Tips To Get Help With Your Goal And Gain Momentum

It is time to get help with your goal

You’ve set up a few goals that you’d like to see your business achieve this year.  Each goal has been thoroughly planned and defined so that you can track your progress.  You’ve even set a deadline for each goal so that you can hold you and your team more accountable.

But now you feel stuck.  Everything was going great, but the goal is starting to lose momentum and you’re not sure what to do next.

When this happens, we have to realize that part of our goal strategy should be a plan for where to go or what to do to get help when the momentum starts to slow down.

What Can Help?

  •  Readjusting our Focus: If we are focusing on something that is causing stress, anxiety, or simply frustration, it tends to influence the attitude we have about everything. Taking a day at a time, figure out how to readjust your focus before you begin working on your goal again.  In readjusting your focus, try and lean toward a motivating and uplifting focus as this is more likely to help propel that goal forward once you start working on it again.
  •  A Mentor:  Having a mentor for business pursuits is a great way to help stay motivated.  Why?  Because of that childhood notion that we don’t want to disappoint those we look up to.  Plus, a mentor can help provide some objective truths as to why we may be stuck and then offer some suggestions on how to keep moving forward. A mentor has already been through the ringer and knows how to handle a situation like a loss of momentum so they are an awesome resource to tap in these situations.
  • Motivation and Inspiration.  Sometimes it’s a quote. Other times it’s a great book or song.  Still, sometimes that thing that motivates us is an actual person.  Find what gives you inspiration, ideas, and determination and tap that source.
  •  Change up the environment:  Perhaps you’ve hit a wall with your goal and you’re so tired of striving for it that trying to break down that wall is something you just aren’t motivated to do right now.  Our environment can greatly affect the way we see our world and our difficulties. 

So perhaps the next team meeting about your goals should take place in a park or down at the beach.Perhaps, before you head into the office today to tackle that goal, you stop by an art museum.  Or maybe the night before a big strategizing meeting, you head to a concert or some other kind of performance.

A simple change of atmosphere can rearrange how we view our difficulties and can often provide the inspiration and motivation we need to keep going. >> click to tweet<<

  • Delegate.  If you’re in a rut with this goal you’ve set for your business, assign the task of ramping up the motivation to a trustworthy team member who may have a few different ideas than you do.  While you’re the head of this goal and you’re the one driving it forward, a good leader always need a good lieutenant who can offer support and a different perspective with things get tough.

Just because we’ve done the work and strategized an awesome strategy to meet our awesome and inspiring goals, doesn’t always mean the path won’t be mundane, boring, or difficult at times.

Knowing who to turn to or what to do to get help can keep your goal on track and allow you the thrilling experience of completely the journey.



Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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