How Can a Business System Help Me?

Do you know what’s working well in your business? How about what’s missing or what needs improvement?

A business system is a recipe for success. If you already have  procedures in place to deal with unproductive and ineffective activities or people, then it’s relatively simple to put that system into action to resolve the issue(s). But what if you don’t have anything in place? You may be wondering if it is worth carving out the time to set something up. or in reality you are working so hard because yo so not have anything in place and you are left wondering how are you going to find the time to set something up?

If you are wondering “How can a business system help me?”  Here are just a few ways a system can help you.

  • Work smarter not harder
  • Hire more efficiently
  • Manage your time better
  • Assist your clients in an more organized manner…you see the list can go on

So now what do you do with this information? Well for starts you can work on setting up a system for just one area at a time. Think about the one area in your business that if it was running like a welled oiled machine how it would add to your sanity and your bottom line .

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Now that you are visualizing that one area here are a few tips on how to set a business system to better manage it:

1. For each area of your business, brainstorm with your staff on what’s working well, what’s missing and what needs improvement. This could be something as simple as how the office supplies are ordered to as complex as hiring staff.

2. Put aside the areas that have very little in the categories of what’s missing and what needs improvement. These areas are working well and you can focus on them later.

3. Make a list of the remaining areas (the ones that have very little in the category of what’s working well) and rank them based on importance.

4. Decide which area you’ll work on first. Expand upon the answers listed in what’s missing and what needs improvement.

5. Come up with a list of possible solutions to make that area work well.

6. Create a binder of the procedure you just created on how to maintain that area of your business to be working well. Include methods of resolving any possible obstacles that may occur.

Once you’re done with each area that had something missing or needed improvement, go back to the areas that were working well, write out their formulas for success, put everything together and voila! You’ve created a business system for your company.

Yes there is more involved to making the system come alive and really be effective. but once you have the basics you can build on it.



Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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