Take Concrete Steps towards Your Goals: 5 Simple Actions




Creating goals and their action steps are things that we are always working on or towards achieving.

In an effort to become the type of leader in your organization who actually execute your goals and ideas, you probably have run into some sticking points.

For example sometimes your action steps land on your endless to-do list and run together to the point where it becomes hard to focus on them individually.

Let stop the chaos and get back to the basics so that we can get them crossed off.

Assuming that you have carefully thought about what it is you want or need to accomplish and have set your goal to actual action steps, you may already be anticipating some challenges.

No matter how simple and realistic you make them, in order to make sure you can follow through on your goals and achieve them, you need to take some concrete steps:

1. Choose Your Primary Goal

If you have multiple goals, then you should choose one primary goal that’s most important to you.

This will enable you to focus your energy to the most important thing.

Even though you cannot achieve them all, at least you get the most important one.

The main goal is usually the one that’s most difficult to achieve so once it is completed.

Completing it first will give you confidence and motivation for achieving your other goals.


2. Format Your Goal

Write down your goals in a quantity format.

Doing so will help make it measurable and clear when it is achieved.

For example if your goal is to grow your leads by 200%, calculate what this actual number is and then break this down to smaller goals with timelines.

Grow number of leads to 400 by August 15th.

A smaller goals would be to increase monthly leads by 50 every 30 days.


3. Read Your Goals Everyday

Even though you have a good memory, reading your goals everyday is a fantastic way to keep you motivated and keep your goal at the top of your mind


4. Reward Achievement

After you achieve any milestone in the process of pursuing your main goal, you should reward yourself and your team.

I don’t mean with a sticker or a lollipop but with acknowledging the team members that helped you reach a certain point.

This will boost your team’s motivation and breathe new life into the goal.


5. Create a Vision Or Strategy Board

This vision board could have anything that relates to your goals and your journey in achieving them.

This will not only keep the goal organized but will keep the team motivated.

This is especially true if you run into some obstacles along the way.


With any business or profession there plans and good ideas

The fact is, all businesses needs good ideas for progress, but it is even more important to take action to materialize these ideas.

This IS is what gets the results.

So, organize your plans into actionable steps, and then be dedicated to the finished result.

You can not get result from items that are not completed so, do not wait for the right time.

Procrastination can lead to failure, and in fact, it ensures it.

Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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