What’s Wrong with Getting Things Done?

Eli Shine

Power is the ability to create effect.

You have power to the extent that you are able to channel your time and energy into the things that create the effects you want in your business and life. Your power is diminished when your time and energy is dissipated and fragmented.

Do you remember in elementary school, one summer’s day when one of the cool kids brought a magnifying glass to school and started focusing the sun’s rays on an unfortunate ant, and seeing it burst into flames? Cruel indeed, yet it contains important learning for all of us.

Energy is constantly flowing from the sun. Generally that energy is dissipated in all directions. Yet when you use a tool such as a magnifying glass to FOCUS the energy of the sun, the Power that can be generated is so much greater.

Your Power depends on your ability to focus your time and energy, and on how you deal with the distractions that are trying to take their share of your energy.

David Allen’s popular book and system GTD (Getting Things Done) is a great start for many people. It helps people to systematize their work, and focus better. However, research has consistently demonstrated that businesses in the US spend up to 50% of their time doing things that are important but not urgent, in other words ‘fake work’. How frustrating! They are focusing and creating effect, but still not getting to where they want to go!

You can avoid this in your business. You can use the GTRTD (Getting The RIGHT Things Done) formula. How? With proper planning. What does this mean? It means finding out what is REALLY important to you and your business and what is not.  It means not wasting your time on unimportant things, even if they only take two minutes. It doesn’t take very long to dissipate your time and energy.

Fail to plan and – cliché or not – you plan to fail. Good planning is the best investments you can ever make.  It is the way to stitch your time over and over again, and it can save more than nine – it can save your business, save your family, it can literally help you add years to your life, and life to your years.

Basically there are three steps to planning – and it’s the last two that people often forget about in small businesses:

  1. Make a list of SMART goals in each area of your business and break those goals down into specific action steps
  2. Estimate (err on the side of caution) how long each action step will take you
  3. Schedule when you will carry out the actions

When you have planned well, your list of actions turns into a list of priorities, and these items, once scheduled become the key to your success. The more you stick to those the more Power, value and harmony your business and life will have.





Carla Kroger

Carla is the founder and secret weapon behind Daily Administration where she works with small businesses assisting them in establishing manageable marketing strategies that attracts, engages and enrolls clients. Along with the Daily Administration team, she works with her clients to establish processes for profit¬able and repeatable growth.

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