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Inbound Marketing: 4 Benefits and 3 Strategies

  What Makes Inbound Marketing Different from Outbound Marketing? Inbound marketing techniques take advantage of modern technology to generate interest and communicate the value of the company’s products or services. Inbound marketers facilitate two-way communication with potential buyers, whereas outbound marketers focus on talking at potential buyers. Inbound marketers take advantage of SEO content, personal […]

When You Need Some Motivation

Every once and awhile we just simply need some motivation to get things accomplished. Motivation is very fickle.  When it is present, we get so much done and we feel like a rock star.  When motivation takes a personal day and leaves us high and dry, the simplest task can look like a mountain. How […]

Effective Self Care for Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs have this wonderful tendency to put themselves last. You make sure that your team is in tip top shape and that projects are going well and often forget to take time for you as well.  It’s in our nature to think of others before ourselves.  The problem with that is eventually we’re going […]

Avoid Procrastinating In Three Steps

Procrastinating is something that we all have done at one time or another.    We all might have many differences and be genuinely unique in a lot of areas, but we all share the pull of putting something off until later and many of us go further and fall into the pit of a million […]

How to Accomplish More When You Are Feeling Stuck?

As a business professional, It is enevitible that at one point or another you will find your self “feeling stuck” When you began your business, you probably couldn’t anticipate everything that would come with that decision. Many of us have rose-colored glasses on when we first step in our new office or the first time […]

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