Simple Welcome Kit Ideas

  When you visit a town, a city or an attraction for the first time it is always nice to see the visitors “welcome center”. At this center, you can get things such as a map, clear directions to interesting local sites, and other useful visitors tips such as where to get a good meal.It […]

When You Need Some Motivation

Every once and awhile we just simple need some motivation to get things accomplished. Motivation is very fickle.  When it’s present we get so much done and we feel like a rock star.  When motivation takes a personal day and leaves us high and dry, the simplest task looks like a mountain. So how do […]

Closing Your Goal Gap

  It is easy to overlook a goal gap when you are focused on completing an important goal. In an ascent to the summit, a hiker or a rock climber has to constantly assess where they are in relation to their destination. They need to know if they need to pick up the pace or […]