How ADHD is good for business

ADHD is good for business?

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Several articles and blogs that discuss a link between ADD and success as an entrepreneur can be easily found on the web.

The need for constant stimulation, ability to follow multiple ideas at once, high energy, hyper-focus, and willingness to take risks are several of the characteristics that have been found in people with ADD and in entrepreneurs.

Positive Psychology

My interest is this is through my work with children and my interest in Positive Psychology.

One of the difficulties that children with ADD often encounter is that they are seen as bad and their family and teachers worry about their ability to succeed in life.

It is important to emphasize how each person’s abilities can be reframed in a positive way.

“Faults”  seen as strengths

I have learned that there are few “faults” that can’t be seen as strengths.

When my daughter was small, she wasn’t noisy, she was curious.

How we name traits affects how we feel about them and how they manifest in our lives.

A profoundly curious, energetic, creative, focused and attentive child can either be seen as a pest or as a leader and energizer.

How the adults around him see him will make all the difference.

None of this means that the ADD should not be treated. If appropriate, only that the problems shouldn’t be seen as the only aspect of the child that count.

Relaxation and behavior plans

I have found that relaxation and behavior plans work well in conjunction with other treatment.

Also, a sense of humor and ability to laugh help deal with high energy children.

Above all, see your whole child and don’t fear for his future.  She may be the next multi-billionaire entrepreneur.

BIO: Marion Cherson Bloch, PsyD, is a school psychologist, and education and family coach.  Her website: is currently under construction, but you can find articles by her at:   There is also a link to the book Parenting By Strengths in which she has a chapter at the above link.

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