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Set Up a System for Consistent Results

When you are ready achieve consistent and measurable results in your company you MUST look at setting up systems and processes. By implementing an effective business system, you are able to duplicate yourself and your efforts more efficiently.  For example, instead of you carrying out five positions in your company that you feel that only […]

What is your professional Kryptonite?

  As entrepreneurs we have those days where we are just simply unproductive. That is not what I am referring to here. You remember Superman he could do it all except when he was around Kryptonite.  He knew that when he was around this paralyzing substance it would instantly render him unfocused, immobilized and powerless. […]

Take Action ~ A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.

  Take Action on your next goal, SMART actions that is. You have read the books, bought the audios, subscribed to newsletters, and purchased the organizers and other items of organization just to find you are still unorganized and unsure as to where to start. You can purchase one hundred books read until the cows […]

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