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3 Steps to Owning Your Goal

One of the unspoken truths in life is that we are more apt to really care for something that we’ve  worked hard for and have ownership of. Think of how much more carefully you cared for the first car you purchased with your own money. Think of how much more your first home meant to you than […]

Successful Goal Planning

  As every architect knows, the first step to building an impressive skyscraper is making impressive blueprint to follow. When we take time to plan out our goal, even down to the finest detail, we greatly increase the chances of that goal becoming a glorious and impressive reality. Many people think that just stating the […]

Still Loving Your Business?

Are you still in loving your business? Do you still look at your business and still know it’s the one for you? Does the thought of going to work each day just fill you with happiness and fulfillment? I hope you and your business are still happy together after all this time. But in case […]